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Euphoria-Star copyright fight deadlocked

Star India has finally replied to Palash Sen's legal notice that claimed that parts of the "Satyamev Jayate" anthem have been lifted from Euphoria's decade-old song also named "Satyameva Jayate", denying what the legal notice says. 

They have also asked the band to withdraw their legal notice, claiming that this is being done merely to garner publicity. Palash, however, maintains that his issue is not with the show or with the host or their team. The issue is that the chorus - and not the whole part - of his song has been lifted for the show's anthem and that an acknowledgement should be given to the original creators.

There is no case
We don't see a case here. There is neither a case nor any issue. We have replied to the legal notice sent to us on behalf of Euphoria stating that their allegations are baseless and we don't agree with what they claim. Since there is no case, we don't consider this as something to be taken further.
- Sai Krishna Rajagopal, lawyer on behalf of the channel and the show

We will treat their complaint with respect and discretion
The objective of the show is to highlight issues of national consequence. The show's tenor and message goes well beyond individual disputes. We do not want to trivialize the issues or the individuals involved by litigating in the media. If individuals have any specific complaint against the show, we'll make sure that we respond to them adequately and treat their complaint with respect and discretion.
- Official spokesperson, Star India

No comments 
"No comments."
- Deepak Jacob, head, legal and regulatory affairs, Star India

Approaching the court will be our last option
"We, as the claimants of copyright infringement, saw an issue and only then sent a legal notice. The other side, as respondents, would obviously say there is no case or even an issue - if they did, wouldn't that amount to admission of a wrong? So, that's a typical case of one party making a claim and the other making nonsense of it. Neither Sai (Star's lawyer) nor I can claim to be right as we are not the judge. Besides, we are each seeing the truth the way we want to see it, and through our respective clients' perspectives. I do not want to talk specifics as this is not the correct forum. All I can say is that having opted for the legal route - after seriously and conscientiously examining whether or not we even had a case to begin with - we will make sure that we take this matter to its logical conclusion. If we wanted, we could have taken this matter to court directly. The idea of sending a legal notice is to seek a solution without either parties having to go the court. Approaching the court will be our last option."
- Dahlia Sen Oberoi,lawyer for Euphoria

Hoping for an amicable solution
Euphoria has been making music for 14 years in a country that worships films. Our issue was that of infringement - which got distorted by some because of unawareness and by some on purpose to confuse matters. We never had any grievances with the show as our problem was specific to its music. We are pursuing this issue legally through our lawyer - that's how it's done normally - as this is not a personal issue. We're still hoping for an amicable solution, which is why we sent a letter and didn't go to court in the first place. We are musicians, not mercenaries.
- Palash Sen, on behalf of Euphoria


Source: Times of India?

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