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Programming trends that ruled TV in 2014

Star Plus general manager Gaurav Banerjee stated, “Story selection is very important. We must ensure that the social context of the adapted work is relevant to our time and place, and if we can, then there is no reason why adaptations shouldn’t work. While Star Plus started the trend with an adaptation of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ in 2000 (KBC), I personally thought that ’24’ was very well made and the production values set a very high standard.”

In a different league

Star India COO Sanjay Gupta said, “Till a decade back, football was largely followed by an older audience. But with change, especially in the way the Internet has come in, the awareness of youngsters about football and Premier League in particular has grown astronomically. Earlier, apart from pockets in Bengal, Goa and Kerala, football ­ essentially interna tional football -was followed only by the affluent. Now you see SEC A to SEC E kids following it."

GEC Watch: Star Plus widens lead margin by over 200 TVMs

Star Plus recorded gross viewership of 661 GTVM with a relative share of 27.04% (last week 642 GTVM).

Life OK turns 3; sets for a revamp early next year

Life OK takes 14 per cent market share of the entire pie as it continues to showcase innovative and disruptive content to stay in the game.

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