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Keep Calm & Karo Aaraam with STAR Plus’ latest show Tu Mera Hero

Tu Mera Hero has been extensively shot in Mathura and brings out the finer aspects of life; like humor and romance. With a lighter take on family drama, the show promises to be an absolute entertainer, full of dreamy Bollywood moments that will surely get the audience foot tapping in no time. So, here’s presenting Titu, the epitome of laziness and Panchi, the diehard romantic and their never seen before love story! So, how did Titu become Panchi’s hero?

Why ‘Satyamev Jayate’ chose the Sunday morning slot

SMJ director Satyajit Bhatkal revealed the detail about SMJ’s original positioning. “We had the option of choosing any slot. In fact Star wanted us to take primetime on Friday, Saturday or Sunday,” he said.

Digital takes home a larger pie of TV channels' ad spends

Nikhil Madhok, SVP Marketing & Programming Strategy, Star Plus says reaching out to audiences that are primarily digital natives and using marketing in an effective way to pull them onto television is one of the things that they use the digital medium for. “The second way in which we use digital is for engagement as a second screen. For a lot of our shows people watch the content and then they have a large number of conversations online whether it is on Facebook, Twitter or other social media. T

Indian football feeling the ISL impact - the positive way

The ISL most importantly has helped unearth hidden gems in the Indian football world and has given them a platform to showcase their talents.

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