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"We will offer all our channels only on RIO": Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India

Uday Shankar, CEO of Star India said , "This new initiative is aimed at empowering consumers with greater choice, and platforms with the ability to customise their offerings as per the needs of their viewers."

“Govt needs to look at broadcast as an important sector”: Uday Shankar

Star India’s Uday Shankar who is now the President of Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) said, “When you are heading an organisation like IBF, there are three things that we all need to look at. First and foremost is digitisation. It is the most fundamental thing that the industry requires and so we need to ensure that we engage with government and put the digitisation road map back on track.”

Guts, glory and glamour

Cutting-edge coverage from Star Sports saw hitherto low-profile sports such as kabaddi, football and hockey challenging cricket for prime-time attention.

GEC Watch: Weekday programming dominates Week 42

Star Plus leads weekday programming with 4 shows in top 10 followed by Zee TV with three shows, Colors with two shows and SAB TV with one show.

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