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Star gets govt licence to uplink sports channels from India and launch more

Star India president sports Nitin Kukreja told that the uplinking licences will be operationalised in the next few months. “We will start uplinking our channels from India now that we have got the ministry approval."

TV.NXT 2014: Are we in the age when TV business will be redefined?

Uday Shankar, CEO - Star India said, "You need to decentralise but it's not happening right now. Much as we are singing praises to digitisation, it has not really progressed as it should have and even in the area where digital distribution has started happening, the digital business models are not evolving. Those are the challenges."

Star World Premiere HD sets a hot pace

Kevin Vaz, Business Head, English Portfolio, Star India, said, “We are extremely proud of Star World Premiere HD, which comes with a unique and path breaking proposition of watching the latest with the world. Starting off on an extremely positive note last September, the channel has built a significant premium subscriber base, despite being a pure a la carte HD-only offering. With an all new show line-up this year, we are confident that additional premium consumers will begin subscribing to Star

Movies OK to launch an app soon

Movies OK and Star Gold EVP and general manager Hemal Jhaveri said,“We play good movies at the right time, communicate properly and rest follows. It is a very simple strategy that is why we have been consistent performers. Randomness gets you nowhere and in fact dilutes the assets,”

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