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TV.NXT 2014: "One-size-fits-all can't be the mantra going forward."

Star COO Sanjay Gupta said, "The number of hours spent on watching TV has not grown in the last five years. Who is responsible for this? We are! If we do not address the diversity, and do not invest behind the medium now, we will be in the same position even 10 years from now."

Life OK to launch dance-based, daredevil reality show, ‘Dare to Dance’

Ajit Thakur, EVP and GM, Life OK, said, “Life OK has done something different for the first time and we have spent a lot of money on this show. Also, this show has paved the way for increasing our creativity in non-fiction. I can promise our viewers that they have never seen a show like this before.”

Star gets govt licence to uplink sports channels from India and launch more

Star India president sports Nitin Kukreja told that the uplinking licences will be operationalised in the next few months. “We will start uplinking our channels from India now that we have got the ministry approval."

TV.NXT 2014: Are we in the age when TV business will be redefined?

Uday Shankar, CEO - Star India said, "You need to decentralise but it's not happening right now. Much as we are singing praises to digitisation, it has not really progressed as it should have and even in the area where digital distribution has started happening, the digital business models are not evolving. Those are the challenges."

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