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Star Plus: Leading the Pack

Gaurav Banerjee General Manager Star Plus says, "If fiction is doing so well even on Saturdays, why do you need non-fiction?"

Hero Motocorp is title sponsor of ISL

Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India, said, “The Hero name brings with it credibility, commitment and passion to the cause of sports. I am deeply pleased because Hero and Pawan Munjal are true ambassadors of sports with a commitment that goes beyond sponsorship. It is great to see them take centre-forward position to support ISL and the future of Indian football. We feel honoured and privileged to present the “Hero Indian Super League” to the growing base of Indian football fans.”

Star Plus creates ‘Maha Movie’ primetime opportunity on Sundays

Nikhil Madhok, Senior VP, Marketing & Programming Strategy, Star Plus, said, “The Maha Movie format of the serials gives great opportunity to both the regular and the non-regular Star Plus viewers. These three hours have the potential to grab the attention of those who are familiar with the ongoing story plot and also those who are not. For viewers belonging to the second category, it is like an invitation to them to ‘Come, enjoy the movie and catch-up with the storyline’. The channel enjoys a g

Star Movies gets ready for ‘Fast and Furious 6’ world TV premiere

Star India English cluster general manager Kevin Vaz says, “So far we have premiered 6o titles. Because of our association with major studios like NBC, Universal Studios, Fox and others we get access to all the premieres and we ensure to open with high octane titles for our audiences.”

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