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Star Gold acquires nine big films for Rs 180 crore

Hemal Jhaveri, Head, Star Gold and Movies OK, said, "We have consistently received a phenomenal response for the big ticket premieres on our network. For 2014, we have targeted diverse content line up acquiring films across different genres. Our strategy has always been to simply offer our viewers' content they want to watch, rather than what we want them to watch."

Star and Aamir Khan renew tryst with India with Satyamev Jayate season 2

Uday Shankar, CEO of Star India, said, “When we look back at season 1 and the response it evinced, you can see a new culture of hope for change emerge. Satyamev Jayate truly reflects the aspirations and concerns of the country. In that it has the strength of a nation behind it. We look forward to the support of our audience to take the message of the show far and wide.”

Star India's movie acquisition strategy

Hemal Jhaveri, head, Star Gold and Movies OK, says, "The cost of acquiring films these days has become exorbitant. And the price changes from Friday to Friday. We are the last users of the rights after theatrical windows and DVD's and digital consumption, and still end up paying as much as 60% of the cost for some movies."

GEC Watch: Sony climbs to No. 4

Star Plus remained at the top with 688 GVTM in Week 8 of TAM 2014.

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