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Race against time

Sanjay Gupta, chief operating officer (COO) of Star India said that October 2014 is a realistic deadline for BARC. But the issue of the guidelines was another problem altogether. “What an ideal measurement system ought to be – this subject has been in discussion in the country for more than three years. It began with the Amit Mitra committee report in 2010. To my mind, as a system and as an industry, we have chosen not to act on it. I do believe that the existing television system is not compreh

Star India committed to investing over Rs. 1500 crore in the sport of Hockey over the next 8 years

Nitin Kukreja, Head of Sports Business, Star India, said, “Our aim is to transform the sporting landscape and imbibe a culture of multiple sports in India. Sports broadcasters in India have traditionally invested only in Cricket but shied away from committing such heavy investments in other games. We are putting money where our mouth is. We believe Hockey has potential for growth but needs certain key ingredients to come together. We believe that a vibrant local league, international events in I

Star India enters into partnership with International Hockey Federation

Nitin Kukreja, head of sports business, Star India said, “Hockey is a priority sport for us and we are thrilled that India will host one key event every year during the eight year term. We believe that hosting an international event each year, which is produced innovatively, will significantly boost the popularity of hockey in India.”

STAR Sports to invest Rs 100 cr in hockey league

Nitin Kukreja, head of sports business, says, “This time we will be airing 24 matches in the prime time band at 8 pm. This is a learning from the previous season. Also, we had added some new features in the live telecast that should make for better and more interesting viewing.”

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