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Star India's movie acquisition strategy

Hemal Jhaveri, head, Star Gold and Movies OK, says, "The cost of acquiring films these days has become exorbitant. And the price changes from Friday to Friday. We are the last users of the rights after theatrical windows and DVD's and digital consumption, and still end up paying as much as 60% of the cost for some movies."

GEC Watch: Sony climbs to No. 4

Star Plus remained at the top with 688 GVTM in Week 8 of TAM 2014.

Channel V celebrates the real Heroes

Prem Kamath, Head - Channel V, “The new motto of our channel has been ‘V Correct Hai’ and what can be more correct than a show like Heroes. Sexual assault happens in our society every day in some form and a show like this will make people more cautious and also empower them against all the forces at play. The show reiterates our belief in the philosophy that the abuse will stop when the silence does.”

Oscars to broadcast exclusively on STAR Movies for the 15th year consecutively

Kevin Vaz, Head – English channels, Star India said, “Star Movies is the go-to destination for Hollywood in India and we want to ensure that our viewers get the best of the Oscars experience possible. The Oscar Fever festival will air a host of excellent Oscar nominated films and the Predict and Win contest will grant two lucky winners a chance to attend the grand event in person.”

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