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Top 10 TV honchos to look out for in 2014

Uday Shankar has been vocal about the fact that sports (not only cricket) have tremendous potential as far as viewership is concerned.

Star India CEO, Uday Shankar to address gathering at Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2014 in Mumbai

Uday Shankar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Star India will deliver address the gathering and speak about “How advertisers can get the best out of TV, despite inflation?”.

Life OK rides on Screen Awards’ success

Life OK general manager Ajit Thakur said, “The 20th Annual Life OK Screen Awards were the channel’s first big-ticket Bollywood event and we are delighted with the response from our viewers not only in India but all over the world. With a clear intent to disrupt both – how an event is programmed and marketed, with Screen properties, we managed to reach out to more viewers than the biggest events and movies on television (in this year so far) – to be precise 74 million people.”

STAR Plus Veera campaign encourages first time voters to make a difference

Nikhil Madhok, Head Marketing & Content Strategy, Star Plus said, "In India, the number of potential first time voters during this election, is estimated at a massive 12 crores. In light of this, we at Star Plus, wanted to spread awareness about voting rights amongst first time voters and mobilize the youth. We want to encourage them to exercise their vote and contribute to the country’s progress. However a lot of them are still not aware the registration is an important prerequisite to voting.

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