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Mad in India: STAR's answer to Comedy Nights

Ashish Golwalkar, programming head, non-fiction, Star Plus, says, "If the content is strong, people really don't care about anything else as long as you are making them laugh. People keep drawing comparisons and we are aware of it. But, if you look at 'Mad in India' closely, it is a very different show. It will talk about day-to-day problems that we face but will have a funny take on all of them. It's not a satire, not a political comment, not a show taking digs on people, it's a show for, by an

Star Plus to attempt reclaiming the weekend prime time with ‘Mad In India'

Star Plus - Marketing and content strategy Head, Nikhil Madhok said, “Comedy was on our mind since a long time. But we didn’t want to come up with anything just for the sake of it. We waited to come up with something that we believe in." Madhok who also wanted to make Sundays entertaining for the viewers, added, “The show was conceptualised after we decided to extend our weekend programming till Saturday. While our fiction shows are more women-oriented, we wanted to make Sundays family oriented.

Is the Media in trouble? Mumbai Press Club holds discussion on subject

Uday Shankar, Star India CEO said, “Just because the media has become capital-intensive, doesn’t mean that it has to compromise on your integrity. Every business has to have a value system, and the editor needs to be sensitive to that. Journalists need to wake up to the economic reality, and it can’t be denied. On the other hand, those who recognise that are willing to swing to the other extreme and do anything. That also is neither healthy nor sustainable.”

Channel V plans more events

Prem Kamath, channel head, Channel V, adds, "Participation has gone up by almost 100 per cent. We have had 500-600 participants earlier, this year we had about 1000 participants in each zonal."

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