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Star World on a route to decode men

Star English channels business head Kevin Vaz says that since this is one of its kind shows it makes it even more interesting for the viewers. “We look for content that brings a fantastic television experience to our viewers.”

GEC Watch: Big Star Entertainment and Colors Golden Petal Awards steal the show

As TAM’s annual universe update takes effect, the universe size of HSM moves to 212 million from 206 million from Week 1, 2014

GEC Watch: Star Plus, SAB herald New Year with their highest ever ratings

Big Star Entertainment Awards becomes the highest ever rated award show in the history of Hindi GECs with 12.4 TVMs in the first week of TAM 2014

Star World & Pernod Ricard India Launch a New Show to Decode The Modern Man – ‘Chivas Studio - Gentleman’s Code’

Speaking on the impending premiere of the show, Kevin Vaz, General Manager - English channels, Star India said, "Chivas Studio - Gentleman's Code is an insightful probe into the psyche and inner workings of the modern Indian Man. We're certain that our Star World audiences will be intrigued by what makes men tick and the show will portray a host of new and different aspects to the urban male."

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