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Star India bags Team India sponsorship rights for 4 years

Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India, said, “It’s a team of brilliant talent and we are proud to be associated with them. This is further endorsement of Star’s deep commitment to Indian cricket and Indian Sports in general.”

Star TV UK debuts on Sky’s on demand service

Star TV UK has got all its channels onto Sky Digital’s on demand service and has become the first Asian broadcaster to do so.

Sahara mulls sponsorship re-bid for Indian team

Star India, Multi Screen Media, UB Group, Twenty First Century Media (TCM), World Sports Group and Gaames Unlimited are the other six entities who have bought the invitation to tender.

TV channels drop all else to air Mandela

National Geographic and FOX International Channels VP, marketing Debarpita Banerjee, says that shows based on big events and people always bring more viewers. “Our rich and diverse library has always offered contextually relevant shows like Trapped in Kedarnath, Inside the Mahakumbh, 26/11 specials, 9/11 specials, that have fared extremely well. In fact, shows like Trapped in Kedarnath, 9/11 special went on to become one of the top three shows of the infotainment genre. Most of these special fea

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