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Endemol India partners with Fox Star Studios for Traffic

Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star Studios added, "We are excited to have partnered with Endemol India as they debut in the Indian film industry. Traffic comes with tremendous credentials - National award winning director plus commercial & critical success in Malayalam - it promises to be an emotionally thrilling experience. The film is the first up on our slate for 2014."

Tube, tweets and trends

Gayatri Yadav, Head - Marketing, Star India, says, “There has been a great power in synchronising the screen — putting Twitter on TV and TV on Twitter — which helps take the conversation to the next level. We’ve been big believers in the power of social networking.”

Sadda Haq, Paanch, It’s Complicated: Channel V’s new youth shows

Channel V came up with four new shows after closing the curtains on some of their previous shows. The concepts and story lines of the shows seem interesting and novel…we just hope they maintain it that way.

The Rising Million

Kevin Vaz, GM, English channels, Star India shares this opinion. "It is a fact," he says, "that the cost for a spot on Star Plus, our premiere Hindi GEC (general entertainment channel) is way more than a spot on our other English language channels. But you have to understand that the former is for a mass audience, while the latter, though rapidly expanding, is for a very specific audience. When it comes to absolute costs right now, it is not as significant. But then again, advertisers are keen t

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