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Star’s new sporting highs

Presenting a Q&A with Gayatri Yadav, Executive Vice President Marketing & Communications at Star India.

Life OK's fourth love story in a row

Ajit Thakur, GM, Life Ok, says, "With Tumhari Paakhi, we are innovating and venturing into a whole new genre of general entertainment, book inspired fiction. It adds to the channel's portfolio of differentiated shows, taking a conscious effort to stay away from the usual saas-bahu sagas on television."

Star Sports: The marketing hype, the gameplan

Star India executive vice president marketing and communications Gayatri Yadav said, “The thought was: let's imagine a world where sports comes first.”

Channel [V] refreshes itself; new shows, new packaging

Says Channel [V] EVP & general manager Prem Kamath: “The baseline reflects us - what we call the brand character. It also states, 'Politically incorrect and emotionally correct. The new shows that we have created reflect the baseline and have been developed around the same theme.”

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