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BBC Worldwide Launches Three Productions In India

Ajit Thakur, General Manager, Life OK said, “We have made one promise to our viewers – to offer never-seen-before content. In Ek Boond Ishq, we have three strong characters narrating their own tales of circumstance.

One more feather in Star’s English GEC cap

STAR India business head Kevin Vaz said: “We thought there is a certain super premium kind of audience, which is very up-to-date with global trends. And I would like to call it more as global Indian.”

Broadcasters bet big on niche channels, HD content: Star COO

Sanjay Gupta, Chief Operating Officer, Star India, said, “We already have one and half million HD subscribers in the country. I think we are seeing a serious change in subscription revenues on HD. People are willing to pay for HD content.”

Star Plus attempts ‘disruption’ route to take Mahabharata to India

Nikhil Madhok, senior VP-marketing and programming strategy, Star Plus, said, “Disruption was the key thought around our campaign. That's what you will see in every medium we have used to promote the show. Starting with the set of the differentiated character promos that are getting attention; for example, we positioned Shakuni not as a scheming old uncle but as a brother who loved his sister Gandhari so much that he dedicated his life to taking revenge on Hastinapur for the injustice meted out

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