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India still a growth story, say Mumbai CEOs

Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India said, "We are in India because this is the market we understand and where we create value. I don't think there is a question in any of our minds about looking beyond India, or substituting India with some other country."

Points of view: Power of repetition

Ajit Thakur, general manager, Life OK said, "Before Mahadev came, mythology was off the screen, there was just Jai Shri Krishna. Once Mahadev became a hit, I guess everybody has had a mythology-based show."

New launches to fragment English GEC audience

Kevin Vaz, GM – English and Bengali Channels, STAR India said “The channel is for the audience who has a global taste. We have constantly observed that people, who are passionate about these American shows in India, do not want to wait for six months before it is premiered in India. We capitalised this opportunity and this was our basis to launch the channel.”

Will football be to beer what cricket has been for the colas?

According to Vijay Rajput, COO, ESPN Software India, "We have received very positive advertiser interest for BPL 2013-2014 season. Even before the start of the league, we have been able to monetise close to 85% of the available annual inventory."

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