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Life OK’s Shapath series ‘Super Cops V/s Super Villains’ on a high

Pratik Seal, Marketing Head, Life OK, said, “We are extremely happy that the Shapath series of ‘Super Cops Vs Super Villains’ has been widely appreciated by our audiences and the current ratings are a measure of its success. The series has carved a niche for itself, especially considering the presence of Bollywood celebrities on competing shows. It is a good option for those who do not want to watch reality based shows.”

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Kevin Vaz, president at Star Network says, "Since we already had output deals with the biggest studios, we launched Star Movies Action with three of the biggest premieres, namely, Taken 2, Chinese Zodiac and Abraham Lincoln: A Vampire Hunter. There is one new movie that premieres every week on the channel. As market leaders we want to give the viewers a chance to catch their latest Hollywood titles which they may have missed in the theatre."

Fox Traveller launches music travel show ‘SoundTrek’ with innovative marketing

Debarpita Banerjee, VP – Marketing, Fox International Channels said, “We are extremely excited about the activations we are undertaking as part of our launch campaign for SoundTrek. The show promises to be a visual and melodious treat for music and travel buffs alike. It is this value proposition that we are bringing alive through the various activations. We have received great consumer response and are confident this interactive promotion will translate into increased viewership for the show, w

Life's OK digitally

Life OK general manager Ajit Thakur: "Social media platforms are a great place to directly engage and interact with consumers. The idea is to leverage the various platforms to drive engagement and increase affinity towards our content. We also provide additional content specific to digital platforms for users who have supported us, or in facebook terms, 'liked' us."

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