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Govt wakes up to Aamir Khan’s water call

Impressed by the initiative taken by actor Aamir Khan on his reality show Satyamev Jayate to highlight water scarcity and pollution, the state government has assured the actor that it will help him in raising funds for the purpose.

Opinion: MasterChef, Guggal, ’70s Show, and ad ‘series’

Whether self-regulated or otherwise, there is scope to improve the quality of TV viewing and I could bet some monies on attaching a premium for the same.

Star channels launch on IPTV Swiss Operator – Sunrise

Yeshpal Sharma, Vice President Star UK & Europe said “We are pleased with our partnership with Sunrise TV for the launch of Star channels in Switzerland.

Is change here to stay?

Star India CEO Uday Shankar was the man who first approached Aamir Khan to do a different kind of show. Did it pay off?

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