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Bollywood Star Remakes Himself Into TV Conscience

Aamir Khan spent more than two decades as one of India’s most admired movie stars, appearing in a string of socially conscious but mainstream films.

Blockbusters, Movies OK prop up genre

Star Gold and Movies OK General Manager Hemal Jhaveri says, “When we acquire movies, they have to fit with the brand ethos of the channel and resonate with the viewers.

Suvarna launches 3 fiction shows

Star Network’s Kannada General Entertainment channel Suvarna has launched three mega fiction shows Akashadeepa, Keladi Chennamma and Bhagyavantharu.

A movie star makes India confront its taboos

Shining light on inequities like the rampant abortion of female fetuses, caste discrimination and the slaying of brides in dowry disputes, actor Aamir Khan has reached an estimated one-third of the country with a TV talk show that tackles persistent flaws of modern India that many of its citizens would prefer to ignore.

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