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India's own Junior MasterChef to come out soon

India may soon have its first TV culinary competition for kids. No prizes for guessing that the show is an extension of MasterChef India, and is likely to be called Junior MasterChef India.

Soapbox dreams are 'limited'

In popular parlance TV is the 'small screen' as opposed to the movies, which are referred to as 'silver screen', 'big screen' etc, etc.

Satyamev Jayate on the brutal reality of Untouchability

Dalits or the downtrodden/untouchables are a reality of our society. A modern, educated, urban India may ignore or thinks its non-existent, but that's far from the truth.

Sports broadcasting: Dramatic first six months of 2012

For a year that has lighter load of marquee cricket and ad revenue forecast lower than 2011, the first six months have been unusually hectic and dramatic.

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