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Multiplex to multi-platform

Hemal Jhaveri, General Manager, Star Gold, says, “Cost of acquisition is high because of shortage of quality content. It is that simple. For every movie that is sold to a broadcaster, there are four movies that remain unsold.”

Aamir Khan to spruce-up Sundays on Star Plus

Gayatri Yadav, EVP - marketing and communications, Star India said, "We wanted a time-slot for the show where the family could come together and get involved in the show.

Life OK to ride on the sleeve of Team CSK

According to Mr Ajit Thakur, GM, Life OK, “When India Cements offered this sponsorship, we saw it as an opportunity. It may not be the regular stuff that a GEC channel does.

Secretive Aamir Khan turns TV studio into Fort Knox

Considerable hype is automatically generated over any new project Aamir Khan takes up, so it is understandable that the superstar is exercising utmost caution to ensure his television debut doesn't get over-exposed.

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