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Star World launches five crime shows starting today

Commenting on the occasion Saurabh Yagnik, General Manager & Senior VP, English Channels, Star India Pvt. Ltd said, “STAR World is constantly designing ways to engage viewers either by bringing the latest Hollywood shows to India or launching innovative properties like Crime At Ten.

TV show first, then Talaash

Actor-producer-director Aamir Khan will not have promotional tie-ups between his first ever TV show and his upcoming release, Talaash, although that was rumoured to be the course of action.

STAR 2.0: A STAR is Reborn – Part 2

STAR India CEO Uday Shankar cites the reasons for the spectacular performance.

Rock bands to jazz up Aamir’s debut TV show

Aamir Khan wants to leave no stone unturned in making his TV debut as unique as possible.

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