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Star Gold brings World TV Premier of Rockstar

Hemal Jhaveri, General Manager, Star GOLD, said, “We established ourselves as leaders in 2011 with the television premiers of blockbusters like Singham, Bodyguard and Force, ...

Channel [v] shows lead the pack!

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Prem Kamath, Executive VP and GM, Channel [v], says, “Our content has ensured our leadership in the genre over the past quarter..."

STAR India invites advertisers to “Go Tapeless, Go Digital, Go Green with STAR Content LIVE

An industry FIRST that enables a tapeless TV commercial delivery that is FASTER CHEAPER & GREENER

STAR India invites advertisers to ‘Go Tapeless’ with STAR Content LIVE

Provides its business partners a tapeless TV commercial delivery service which is Faster, Cheaper and Greener

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