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Star Gold HD dedicates the entire month of January to movie aficionados

Announces the launch of ’30 Films To Watch Before You Die’ movie festival

Kickstart the New Year with some family fun!

Movies OK presents Tedi Medi Family, this January

Mother-child bonding is the purest form of relationship but what happens when this love becomes an obsession

Star Plus brings a heartwarming story centered around love and relationships with Silsila Pyaar Ka

‘Content innovation to govern English movie channels’ landscape:’ Kevin Vaz

Vaz tells, “The industry landscape will be governed by content and experience that will be led by innovation. The invitation to our viewers is not just the promise of top-of-the-line Hollywood premieres on TV, but a marketing story to match its grandeur. Advertisers are well informed and believe in the power of great content and innovations and are willing to partner on something that will drive the viewers. At Star, we have also invested in creating a very strong brand exte

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