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10 million users in 40 days: Hotstar takes digital media world by storm

Star India COO Sanjay Gupta explains, "In India, bandwidth issues are very common. So, with Hotstar, which has been developed specifically for mobile, we resolved these by making it possible to operate even at as low as 50 kbps. If the bandwidth decreases, the app will start providing only audio, but the streaming will not stop."

The World Cup in 4K

Watching a broadcast in four times the HD resolution with TATASky's 4K set-top box is a lot more enjoyable, but only if you own a 4K television.

Star India's 'Mauka' mania inspires creative videos

As is the trend nowadays, after every India match Star launches a ‘Mauka’ video, the world also partakes in the Mauka Mania and creates a piece of its own.

Million-dollar middle-ager

The 2015 World Cup will easily be the most followed, on television, on social media and on the internet at large. The digital age is here.

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