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HotStar app uses cinema advertising in a big way - Interactive Television Report

HotStar, the latest app on the block also used cinema advertising as a tool to effectively reach out to their TG.

India World Cup matches deliver a boost for Star’s Hotstar app

Ajit Mohan, head of digital at Star India said, “Growth around digital on sports is massive and we’ll be looking at crossing these numbers with the IPL. The primary destination for the IPL will be Hotstar. Since the IPL is daily, we have an opportunity to build a habit on mobile.”

Star World Innovates yet again to launch an exciting weekend proposition – Star World Weekend Binge

Star spokesperson, said, “As a premiere destination in the English Entertainment Category, our viewers have come to expect a lot from Star World. There is a growing International trend of content being consumed at one go and a very similar trend is emerging even in India. But currently in our country the avenues to partake in this trend are very limited and practically non-existential."

Pro Kabaddi League 2015: Team sponsorship might go up by 100%

Experts believe one could see up to 200% growth in the sponsorship rates for the teams and the broadcaster.

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