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World Cup 2015: Star to make a killing out of India-Australia semi-final

Sanjay Gupta, chief operating officer at Star India, said the tournament has been exceptional for them. “Star is offering multiple opportunities to suit advertisers with varying budgets and objectives. On the back of different feeds, Star has created sponsorship and spot buying options for English, Hindi, HD feed, among others."

Life OK explores faith in God in new show ‘Kalash – Ek Vishwaas’

Life OK spokesperson said, “‘Kalash – Ek Vishwaas’ draws relevance to the current state of affairs of women in our country and re-instills the fact that the supreme power does exists. The show explores an unconventional relationship between God and a devotee, further strengthening the bond of faith. The story of Kalash comes from several real life instances and experiences from the lives of our consumers, whose relationship with God is based both on fear and faith. We chose to highlight the posi

Kalash- Ek Vishwaas, the story of faith, belief and resilience

Life OK spokesperson said, “This is our third association with Balaji Telefilms. Kalash- Ek Vishwaas has a strong storyline and we are sure the viewers will connect to Devika’s character. With Kalash we aim to raise the bar of the current affair of women in our country. The show is definitely something one should watch for its extremely well defined characters and an enthralling story. Kalash- Ek Vishwaas will take the 8.30pm slot”.

World Cup ad rates zoom 200%

India's scintillating performance on field has opened floodgates for Star Sports to rake in the moolah

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