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Leading brands join the #MaukaMauka bandwagon on Twitter

The ‘Mauka’ campaign has also met with great response online and on social media from fans across going viral with over 28 million views online as of Friday.

‘Technology has to get it 100 % right’

The official broadcaster STAR Sportswill have this particular benefit for the semifinals and final also

Star India ropes in new brands; hikes ad rates for World Cup

Uday Shankar and his team at Star India have roped in more brands as partners to make the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 one of the biggest revenue generating sport event in India.

World Cup 2015: Star to make a killing out of India-Australia semi-final

Sanjay Gupta, chief operating officer at Star India, said the tournament has been exceptional for them. “Star is offering multiple opportunities to suit advertisers with varying budgets and objectives. On the back of different feeds, Star has created sponsorship and spot buying options for English, Hindi, HD feed, among others."

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