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Can India beat South Africa this Sunday?

Star Sports, the official broadcaster of the ICC World Cup 2015, has launched a promo for the forthcoming India-South Africa match to be held on February 22.

Cricket World Cup 2015: A festive ground for new TVCs

The marketing blitz was started by Star Sports, the official broadcaster for the ICC Cricket World Cup, when it launched a TVC emphasising on the history of the two teams in 50 overs World Cup since 1992.

Industry perspective on STAR’s growing omnipresence

STAR India recently entered the Telugu TV market with the acquisition of Hyderabad-based channel Maa TV. The network already has good presence in other important regional belts, and adding Telugu, which is the second largest regional market in terms of market potential and viewership, will add to its existing strength. Also, on February 11, the network was awarded the global Internet and mobile rights for the Indian Premiere League (through Novi Digital Entertainment) for Rs 302.2 crore for a th

World Cup: regional advertisers on front foot with low rates

Sanjay Gupta, Chief Operating Officer of Star India said, “The price paid by regional advertisers is going to more affordable in terms of reaching out to potential consumers and we expect 30 per cent of our revenues to come from such advertisers.”

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