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A love so strong that it empowers you

26 April 2016

A lively, chirpy, loving, caring and innocent girl from Ajmer, Vividha is the quintessential ‘Ghar ki ladli’. The one person on whom everyone banks whether it is in time of happiness or despair. She is the lifeline and problem-solver in the family. She has a mind of her own, but never questioned the rules set for her until she meets Atharva.

Educated, street smart, raw, carefree and independent, Atharva is a guy who knows how to handle and manage any given situation. He did not get his father’s family name but that did not deter him, instead he lives with pride by his mother’s name, and owes his achievements to her. Having completed his education from Delhi, he believes that a person’s status in society is not determined by what he does, but what he could achieve through his work.  Thus he comes back to Ajmer with dreams to modernize his mother’s small dairy set-up and take it to great heights. 

This is the story of Vividha and Atharva, two distinctly different individuals, raised in completely different environments and how when they meet, their world changes forever. STAR Plus brings to you ‘Jana Na Dil Se Door’, a powerful story of empowerment through love.

Vividha (played by Shivani Surve) is happy in her world which revolves around her family and meanders in the lanes and by-lanes of Ajmer. Her father, Kailash (Vineet Kumar) is her hero and she trusts him and follows his teachings blindly. She has been raised completely in his shadow and trained to follow a set of norms obediently. Kailash, himself, on the other hand, is a tough man, who has seen many ups and downs in his life to be rags to riches story. He strongly believes in the old norms that relationships are only possible between individuals who are equal in social status.
Atharva (played by Vikram Singh Chauhan) does not fit this perfect image that Kailash wants for his daughter and even though it’s not love at first sight for Vividha, she ends up falling in love with Atharva. She likes it when he points out that she is a strong girl, which no one has ever told her. She feels confident and motivated by Athrava’s positivity and constant encouragement.
Excited about her role, Shivani Surve said, “Vividha is a sweet, warm, girl next door who will win your hearts. She is willing to walk that extra mile for the people she loves. What I like most is not just the chemistry between her and Atharva but the powerful journey of their love and faith that makes her strong and evolved as an individual.”
Set in Ajmer, Rajasthan, a beautiful town that is steeped in culture and social traditions that evoke strong emotional connect. The story is shot across famous places in Rajasthan like the scenic saltpans of Sambhar, Ajmer’s holy Dargah and Jaipur’s historical Jal Mahal Lake. The show makers recreated the popular and famous Pushkar mela to capture the vibrant and colourful landscape of Rajasthan and its rich culture in the show.
Produced by Beyond Dreams Production, ‘Jana Na Dil Se Door’ also stars Aparna Ghoshal, Vineet Kumar and Shilpa Tulaskar in key roles. The show is scheduled to launch on 9th May’16, and will air every Mon-Sun at 5:30pm.
The show makers believe that love when backed with motivation, courage and confidence gives the ability to discover oneself. ‘Jana Na Dil Se Door’ is Vividha’s journey in Atharva’s love, where ‘Love Empowers’.
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