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Aamir Khan to launch music album

4 April 2012

He is famous for keeping his projects completely mysterious. So quite understandably, as Aamir Khan gets ready to launch his maiden TV show Satyamev Jayate, he has managed to keep everything under wraps. But insiders associated with the new show reveal that the star is planning to launch a musicalbum around it.

Since the inaugural season is expected to have around 16 episodes, Aamir and music director Ram Sampath of Delhi Belly (2011) fame have created roughly 16 songs to go with each. “The idea is to create a special number for every episode,” says the insider.Apparently, during a brainstorming session, it was Aamir who floated the idea of coming out with an album once the show comes to an end. “Since all the songs are shaping up nicely, everyone is excited about the idea. Aamir and Ram are still working on a few songs. Once everything is finalised, the next step will be taken,” adds the insider.A few days ago, playback singer Sukhwinder Singh recorded a track — a 22-minute-long song — for Satyamev Jayate that will be aired on Star Plus around May. Aamir, who is notorious for his perfectionism, is also putting his best foot forward for the show. “Over the past few weeks, he has been spending a lot of time at Ram’s studio. In fact, they have been spending a major part of the day together to get the right music. Aamir is looking into each and every detail,” says the insider.

Source: Hindustan Times?

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