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Channel V is back with a brand new dance fiction show

9 February 2016

 Continuing the legacy of creating dance fiction shows, Channel V is back with another riveting dance show, “D4- Get up and Dance”. Having pioneered the dance fiction format with the success of its previous hit TV show Dil Dostii Dance, Channel V’s brand new young romantic drama ‘D4- Get up and Dance’ isall set to raise the bar higher with its breathtaking display of choreography and captivating plot. Launching on Monday, 22nd February 2016, the show will air every Monday to Friday at 7pm.

D4- Get up and Dance will be a mélange of drama, romance and impressive dance moves! The show trails the life of a young girl named Baby who is a skilled dancer but however keeps her dancing skills a secret as a result of her parent’s disapproval. Baby’s life however is turned upside down when she meets her dance idol Mikhail. Enthralled by his ability, the novice dancer is inspired to leave everything and join Mikhail’s dance troupe instead. While her talent continues to shine, romance blooms as Baby falls in love with Mikhail despite knowing the fact that he is emotionally secluded.
Channel V has been at the forefront in giving dance-loving youth the chance to watch a gamut of spectacular dance acts through an entertaining fiction storyline. It has led the way to not only interest the audience but also provide fascinating plotlines and characters driven by pumping dance performances. D4 -Get up and Dance will be a platform to showcase young budding talent on the small screen and will feature numerous forms of dancing.
Channel V will be promoting the new show across multiple platforms to ensure high decibel reach. Prior to the launch, a show promo has been launched on its social media platforms to garner enthusiasm and enthrall the audience.
Speaking on the show, Mr. Kevin Vaz (Business Head, Channel V) commented to say, “Channel V has always been at the forefront of delivering content that appeals to the youngsters. We introduced the youth to dance based fiction shows and continue to own that space, our new show ‘D4 – Get up and dance’ will captivate audiences by showcasing energy bursting performances on the back of a romantic story.”
Apart from D4, Channel V’s teen crime show ‘Gumrah’: End of Innocence (Sunday 7pm), Swim Team(Mon-Fri 7 Pm), Sadda Haq – Season 2 (Mon-Sat 6:30pm), and action-packed romantic drama showcasing two lifetimes Mastaangi (Mon–Sat 6:00 pm) continue to be on air. All the new and current shows are available anytime on hotstar.
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