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5 August 2014

Mumbai, Tuesday, 5th August: While emerging as the numero uno of the English general entertainment space, FX with its iconic and risqué entertainment content has made active a brand new breed of viewer audience - the Edge Seekers. Elevating FX to the status of an undisputed market leader, these channelloyalists have emerged as avid consumers of the edgy content which the channel has been known to serve through the years. To celebrate and acknowledge the FX’s Edge Seekers, the channel has launched an extensive brand campaign to leverage on and sustain the ever booming consumer relationship.

Embodying the spirit of the tagline Edge of Entertainment, the term Edge Seekers has been coined to describe in a nutshell a section of society who prefer living life on the edge. These men and women constantly defy the norms of an everyday life; push their boundaries to experience the ‘new’ and ‘different’. Passion is the key for these young people and they derive much pleasure from extremities, thrive on barbaric humor and are drawn to consuming content that is beyond the ordinary.  Award-winning and path breaking shows like  Breaking Bad, Californication, Archer, Mad Men, American Horror Story: Coven which have come to be cornerstones of the FX schedule form a part of their daily television diet. Having surpassed fierce competition, FX has amassed the highest viewership, crossing over other channels that primarily cater to male audiences.

To reinforce the brand ethos, FX has embarked on a journey to hunt and reach out to the Edge Seekers, in order to excite them and satisfy their thirst for thrill. Overall the brand campaign is experimental and trend-setting akin to its target audience, having been designed to capture interest and intrigue to the premiere FX viewer.

All thrill enthusiasts get a chance to embark on an adrenaline pumping adventure by participating in a brilliant twitter contest, wherein they will have to maximum tweet hashtags like #WalterWhiteWould, #ImWalkingDeadWhen, #MyMadMenMoment specially created by FX. Winners to this contest will get a chance of a life-time to experience the hair-raising sport of Sky-Diving in Dubai, along with a return air-fare. While a cross-platform promotion for this contest is due to begin in the coming week, the channel has already launched its 360 degree mega campaign to strengthen its bond with these Edge Seekers

The on-air promotions are creating great buzz, coming with a strong appeal to die-hard FX fan’s, as the campaign will help them re-live their best moments from the ultimate FX entertainment. The promo are being cross promoted on-air across Star World SD and HD, Fox Crime, Star Movies SD and HD, National Geographic, Fox Life, Channel V, Star Sports 1, Star Sports 2, Star Sports 4, Channel V and Star Gold.

Delivering an impactful outdoor campaign, FX has put up hoardings with catchy text and imagery which is sure to intrigue audiences at key sites and high traffic areas across the main cities of Mumbai and Delhi.  In Delhi, the brand is also advertising along the metro-line, in-train advertising, along with other innovative outdoor installations at various high traffic sites.

With a massive digital media plan in place, the channel will engage audiences across digital platforms with popular and innovative digital strategies. Taking the edge to a whole new-level, 5 Jet Airways aircrafts will be specially FX branded for two weeks from 4th to 18th August. So this time the thrill rises above the ground, and will fly right through the skies.

With an aim to build relationships and strengthen the channels connect with media agencies and clients; FX has especially designed activations for this section of audiences as well. An innovative step in this direction has also been Agency Branding- where in important and popular areas of an agency will be FX branded. This section of consumers will also be engaged with a contest titled Thrill-A-Thon, wherein the participants will be lead to a Facebook App and when instructed will need to answer 5 multiple choice questions based on their favorite FX shows. Winners of this contest will get a chance to lay their hands on PSP’s and bring out their inner gaming geeks.

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