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GEC Watch: Unfazed by IPL, Star Plus inches closer to 800-mn mark

25 April 2014

Zee TV and Life OK also add more viewers in Week 16 of TAM 2014. Sony, SAB and Colors hit by IPL

The first week of IPL7 has had no impact on the viewership of Star Plus and the channel hit another record by inching closer to the 800-million mark. Zee TV and Life OK have also bucked the trend to grow further in Week 16 of TAM 2014.

IPL has traditionally hit overall viewership of Hindi general entertainment channels, and this time too the Hindi GEC genre has dropped to 2,710 TVM from last week’s 2,790 TVM. The three channels badly hit by IPL were Sony, SAB and Colors.

According to data sourced from TAM subscribers for Week 16 of TAM 2014 (April 13 – April 19) for CS 4+, HSM markets, there was no any change in pecking order. Star Plus continued to lead the pack with a huge margin followed by Zee TV, Colors, Life OK, SAB and Sony.

Star Plus added 43 TVM to its gross viewership to reach at 791 TVM. The relative share of Star Plus grew to 30.47% (last week 748 TVM with 28.11% relative share).

Zee TV too improved its viewership and recorded a GTVM of 473 and a relative share of 18.22% (last week 464 TVM with 17.44% relative share).

Colors dropped further to 433 GTVM with a relative share of 16.68% (last week 451 TVM with 16.95% relative share).

Life OK strengthened its position at No. 4 by adding 13 TVM to its gross viewership. The channel recorded a GVTM of 389 TVM and a relative share of 14.98% (last week 376 TVM and 14.13%).

SAB TV suffered a huge loss due to IPL and dropped to 266 TVM. The channel’s relative share grew to 10.25% (last week 314 TVM and 11.80% relative share).

Sony was the channel to lose maximum viewership in Week 16. By losing 64 TVM to its gross viewership, the channel recorded 244 TVM and a relative share of 9.40% (last week 308 TVM and 11.57% relative share).

(Relative share among Star Plus, Colors, Zee TV, Life OK, SAB and Sony.)


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