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Jani Dekha Hobe

22 December 2014

Jani Dekha Hobe is an engrossing tale of passionate love and its promise which cross the boundary of a lifetime. Following its promise of ‘Chalo Paltai’, Star Jalsha brings to its viewers a story based on reincarnation for the first time. Bengali Entertainment is going to experience a fascinating mix of the three very popular themes of entertainment - Reincarnation, Romance and Revenge. 


The show recounts the tale of Vinni and Mohul. Mohul is a city bred lad, the scion of the rich and powerful Mullick family. He comes across as fun loving and charming as any other person his age, yet is troubled by episodes of delusions where he sees visions of a mysterious woman. This troubles Ratree, Mohul’s mother who dotes on him and loves him more than anything else in the world. Ratree who is otherwise a cold and calculating dominatrix, the head of the Mullick family, is left vulnerable with worries of Mohul’s well-being.

Vinni is a simple village girl who lives with her parents in Mohul’s ancestral village. Vinni’s father works as a manager in Mohul’s ancestral property estate. Vinni too experiences periods of hallucination where she behaves as though she were possessed. Vinni and her family are very worried about her condition. Vinni loves to dance and is a devoted worshipper of lord Shiva. She seeks solace in her spiritual faith and the support of her parents.

When Mohul visits his ancestral property estate, he meets Vinni. It is love at first sight. They both feel drawn to each other through an existing bond that neither can explain. They get married and Vinni joins Mohul’s family in the city. While everyone rejoices the occasion Ratree becomes wary of Vinni. Vinni too experiences strange feelings in her new home where she comes dangerously close to revealing the darkest Mullick family secret. She starts getting visions from her past life where she met a tragic death.

Will Vinni be able to discover her real identity and the mystery behind her connection to Mohul. Will she be able to apprehend the real criminal? Why is Ratree worried about Vinni and what will she do to stop her from finding out the truth?


- The show is produced by Acropolis which has an illustrious association with Star Jalsha having produced successful show like Bodhuboron.

- The cast comprises of accomplished actors like Mallika who is sure to leave a mark with her brilliant performance. Fresh faces have been roped in to play the lead couple who are sure to deliver a solid performance and light up the screen with their chemistry. The ensemble cast is quite impressive and fits perfectly into their role.

- The show has been shot extensively in Purulia that lends its rustic charm to the show’s look and feel. A significant portion has been shot in old palatial buildings that reflect a period aura. The story moves back and forth in time showcasing the present and past time periods, that make up for an intriguing story and visual offering.

- The title song, a haunting melody, has been composed by Mayukh Mainak with lyrics by Prosen. 

Cast & Crew:

           Mohul                                                  Vinni                                    Ratree

Cast:  Mallika Majumdar (Ratree),  Rupsha Banerjee(Vinni), Arnav Chatterjee (Mohul)

Director: Babu Banik

Story & Screenplay: Ashita Bhattacharya

Music Composer:  Mayukh Mainak

Lyrics: Prosen

Singer: Timir

Costume Designer: Acropolis Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Executive Producer: Arnab Roy, Shamik Bose, Satyaki Kundu

Producer: Acropolis entertainment Pvt Ltd

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