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Kalash- Ek Vishwaas, the story of faith, belief and resilience

23 March 2015

Life OK in association with Ekta Kapoor brings an edge of the seat fiction drama starting 23rd March, Monday – Friday at 8.30pm

National, March 23, 2015: Ekta Kapoor and Life OK once again announce their association for the third time as they launch their newest property Kalash – Ek Vishwaas. The show stars Aparna Dixit as the protagonist playing the pivotal role of Devika, a firm believer of Goddess Maa Ambe. Aparna will be paired opposite Krip Kapur Suri portraying the character of Ravi, an atheist in the show. Kalash- Ek Vishwaas will launch on 23rd March, Monday to Friday, 8.30 pm on Life OK.

Faith and Belief in the mystic law and the power of the universe, makes all things possible. It is this belief of Devika that has helped her overcome her fears and obstacles in life. Maa Ambe has always been with her, in good and bad times. The VIP queue in Maa Ambe’s temple is long but Devika was heard telling a high profile politician he doesn’t need to worry since it gives him a chance to spend more time with Maa Ambe. She doesn’t fear any road block or hurdle because she knows Maa Ambe is there.

Kalash – Ek Vishwaas is a story of a girl from Ambala who has immense faith and belief in Maa Ambe. Her strong belief is what keeps her going in life and conquer all obstacles. The show portrays the journey of Devika with her found love interest Ravi. Ravi is an atheist but is immensely in love with Devika. They get married but as destiny would have it, Devika’s family goes through some tough times. A selfless and determined Devika does not give up on her God and awaits things to return to normal. But what happens when her belief is shattered by people who are her own?

Said Producer Ekta Kapoor from Balaji Telefilms, “The show traces the journey of Devika’s love, faith and belief in her God. She values her belief and keeps her faith alive in Maa Ambe. The viewers will see Devika as a believer as well as a resilient. It’s a journey of a woman from being extremely close to Maa Ambe to displaying the courage and rebel when required. I am looking forward to my association with Life OK to bring forth this grand venture through an interesting storyline”.

Commenting on the show, Life OK spokesperson said, “This is our third association with Balaji Telefilms. Kalash- Ek Vishwaas has a strong storyline and we are sure the viewers will connect to Devika’s character. With Kalash we aim to raise the bar of the current affair of women in our country. The show is definitely something one should watch for its extremely well defined characters and an enthralling story. Kalash- Ek Vishwaas will take the 8.30pm slot”.

Kalash – Ek Vishwaas will portray the resilient woman of modern India. Where woman is worshipped and respected in the form of a deity, on the other hand she is mistreated. The show will explore the universal concept of the fight between the good and the evil and what happens when a woman is tested and how she emerges strong and takes the form of deity fighting against the wrongs and the injustices meted out against her.

Kalash – Ek Vishwaas, starts from 23rd March every Mon-Fri at 8.30pm on Life OK

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