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Kareena Kapoor Khan bats for women's safety

23 December 2013

?Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has taken up the initiative to promote the cause of women safety as she says she does not "feel safe in this city any more".

Kareena has come on board for the initiative of Star network to highlight the issue of women's safety. She will champion the use of Channel V's 'VithU' app, which is a Star network initiative. Using the application, one can reach out to friends and guardians at the click of a button. 

"When I was told about this app, I wanted to come on board. As the crime rate is growing I believe on the issue of women safety... They need to be protected. It's important for actors to stand up for issues as they can reach out to lot of people," Kareena told reporters here today.

Kareena reveals even her actor husband Saif Ali Khan was keen to support the cause.

"Both my mother and Saif are happy I am supporting this. Saif even wished he could be part of it," she added.

Kareena expressed shock over the incident of a woman journalist allegedly gang-raped by five men in August this year near Shakti Mills.

"What happened to the journalist was shocking. Recently, a foreigner who lives just behind my house was raped. I never thought this could happen where we are living. We have heard about such cases in Delhi, MP and now it has happened in the city of Mumbai where people are educated and working people. It is disappointing," Kareena said.

Kareena said she used to feel safe in this city two years ago. But with the recent serious crimes against women in Mumbai, she feels uneasy and unsafe.

"There are times when I shoot till late night or early morning... My mother gets worried she stays awake. I call her whenever I come home," she added.

The Bollywood actress thinks illiteracy is the root cause of such incidents. She would like to support the cause of education as well.

"Everyone must be educated... I would like to support it. In the UK, everyone has right to free education... It's a basic thing. Thoughts of people should be clean and positive," she added.


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