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28 July 2014

‘KIRANMALA’ finds its inspiration in Bengal’s treasured fairytales, as well as fairytales across the world. The character penned a hundred years back encompasses the progressive thinking of the then Bengali literature and culture. Kiranmala is an exemplary character symbolizing women empowerment, which is relevant and inspiring for today’s women.

‘KIRANMALA’ is the story of a Warrior Princess, who is out to reclaim the honor of her family… a fascinating tale of righteousness and bravery, the triumph of good over evil… presented in an epic format which crosses the boundaries of time, age and space.

The Storyline:

The kingdom of Achinpur was ruled by the benevolent and great King Bijoy. His wife Roopmati, his mother –the High Queen, his subjects, courtiers, friends and everyone in the kingdom lived in peace and prosperity. The King’s predecessors had defeated the Rakshasas and trapped them in the Underworld earlier. One day, the High Queen and the High Priest got alarming signals which indicated that the Rakshasas will be attacking their land soon. The High Priest informed the King that his daughter, Kiranmala will be the protector of the kingdom and the land.

Disguised as a mid-wife, the mother of the Rakshas Queen, Pyakati enters the King’s household. She gains everyone’s confidence and becomes a trusted member of the family. One day, Pyakati conspires to kill baby Kiranmala and asks her guards to do the same. The guards however, cannot accomplish the task and throws Kiranmala in the sea knowing that she’ll not survive.  Pyakati then schemes and convinces the King that Roopmati was actually a Rakshas. She conspires and dupes the King into getting married to her daughter by giving fake introduction of Kotkoti her daughter, as Kalabati.

Meanwhile, little Kiranmala drifts out at sea and eventually get caught in a fisherman’s net. The fisherman adopts her and takes her home to be raised with his two sons Arun and Barun. The fisherman, Tarak and his wife Padma, raise Kiranmala as their own daughter. From the time Kiranmala is brought to the fisherman community, they all prosper and live happily.

As time passes, the Rakshasas start taking over the kingdom and the reign of darkness falls upon it. The King is dethroned, Roopmati is locked up in the dungeons and the High Priest is thrown out of the kingdom. Slowly the evil creeps towards the fisherman’s community. Kiranmala’s mother, Padma, is killed by Rakshasas in front of Kiranmala. In turn, she kills them, avenging the death of Padma.

That very night, the exiled High Priest reaches the fisherman’s village and discloses the truth about Kiranmala’s birth and her life’s purpose. He tells her about her destiny and purposes of life - which is to restore the kingdom to all its glory, save the King, clear her mother of the false accusations and kill the Rakshas Queen. Hearing this, Kiranmala sets out to fulfill her destiny. Her two brothers Arun and Barun accompany her. Will she be able to carry the weight of such great responsibilities on her young shoulders? Will she complete her journey, which is wrought with peril and unimaginable horrors? Will she live up to her calling?

A glimpse into its Production:  

Advanced graphics, Puppetry and Shadowgraph, Kiranmala is all set to mesmerize the viewers with its one-of- a-kind production value and magnitude. Extensive shoot has been done at mesmerizing outdoor locations of north Bengal and Orissa. With a larger than life, awe inspiring set design, thrilling action, captivating drama and adventure and a number of magical elements like talking birds, uran jhuri, Bojro Maniker Haar, Maya Aaina (magic mirror), fairies and demons. It is so far the costliest production in BGE.  The grandeur of the creation is sure to be a visual treat that Bengal has not experienced so far.

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