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'Life of I' promotes movie premiere

24 October 2013

?To promote the premiere of Life of Pi, STAR Movies has launched an experiential online game based on the movie. The game invites viewers to experience the journey of a lifetime through the lens of Pi.

STAR Movies, the English movie channel from STAR India, has launched an online campaign to promote the premiere of the Oscar-winning Hollywood movie, Life of Pi, to be telecast on Sunday, October 27 at 1 pm and 9 pm.

To promote the premiere, STAR Movies has launched an experiential online journey based on the movie. The game, titled 'Life of I', invites viewers to experience the journey of a lifetime through the lens of Pi (

Participants can log in to the game via Facebook where they have the chance to map out their own journey based on the events that transpire in the movie. There are eight milestones to this journey; crossing all makes the participant eligible for a trip to landmark locations where Life of Pi was shot - including Puducherry, Munnar and Taiwan, in addition to other prizes.

Having played out the entire game, all participants will be gratified with a personalised video of their journey which also comprises a part of their Facebook journey. The video acts as a memoir of their journey as they live in real life their own version of the movie.

Speaking about the idea behind the campaign, Pallavi Tibrewal, VP, marketing, STAR GEC Channels, says, "Marketing has today become very personalised and a successful marketing campaign needs to provide the consumer a personal touch. This game provides a personalised experience to the people and the video at the end of the game also provides a great proposition for people to connect their life journeys with," Tibrewal adds.

To promote the game, the company has been extensively using social media like Facebook and Twitter. Besides, in the course of the game, participants have to pass on the game to at least 10 friends. This was done with the objective to reach as many people possible to promote the game and the film premiere.

'Life of Pi' was the highest-grossing Hollywood film in India in 2012. A huge commercial and critical success, the movie won several awards including the prestigious Oscars and the Golden Globe. Having a strong Bollywood connect with star cast such as Irrfan Khan, Tabu and Suraj Sharma, the film's highest foreign collection came from India. The film also helped boost the Indian tourism industry since a big part of the film was shot in Puducherry and Munnar.


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