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Life OK brings to you a story from the heartland of India- the saga of Rangeela, an anti-hero.

6 January 2017

With the Hindi GEC gamut churning the usual saas bahu, kitchen politics and supernatural stories to the audience, Life OK brings to you, a story from the heartland of India, the saga of Rangeela an anti-hero, who is fearless, ferocious yet a man puppet in Berahampur. Catch the journey of Rangeela, where he will ensure to fulfil any wish of his master Chaudhuri Veer, even if it means giving up his own life. Starring Param Singh as Ghulaam, the show will premiere on 16th January, every Monday to Friday at 9:00pm.

Ghulaam will showcase the darker side of Berahampur, where tyranny is the only mercy and how Rangeela, a slave brainwashed to obey its laws and his master’s; serving his every need and want. Berahampur is the crime capital of India and Rangeela is a puppet in its system of lawlessness. Never a decision maker, Rangeela serves only one mission to follow his master’s orders that are louder than his own voice. A lion whose ferociousness has been long tamed, however will he remain tamed forever or will he roar to set free? 
Producer Saurabh Tiwari said on associating with Life OK for this show, “When everyone is adding variety from kitchen politics to naagins, I am very excited to create a differentiated yet realistic content which shall change the rules of Television.”  
Despite been set in modern India, the task was to take audiences by surprise with the realities of India’s gritty heartland. The casting, screenplay, locations, production design will be of a quality that will surely set it apart from what's seen on television today and match up the levels of today’s films. Ghulaam has the right mix of a stellar cast that includes the lead protagonists Param Singh, Vikas Manaktala, Bhagwan Tiwari and Niti Taylor, great writing and screenplay by the acclaimed Rahil Qaazi of ‘Do Dooni Chaar’ and ‘Ekees Topon Ki Salaami’ fame, spectacular outdoor locations of Delhi and Rajasthan, top notch action sequences by Amar Shetty responsible for the edge of the seat action scenes of ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘Mohenjo-daro’ and the closest to reality production design by Wasiq Khan who gave life like sets to  ‘Ramleela’ and ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. The show is promising and will also appeal to the audience sect that often looks for intelligent and realistic content.
Param Singh as the protagonist is all set to play an anti-hero which will be the real deal for him. Commenting on the big challenge that lies ahead, Param Singh says “From boy- next-door to an anti-hero with intense action sequence has been extremely challenging. My source of inspirations is one and only Amir Khan Khan and the co-incidence being, my character name is Rangeela and the show name is Ghulam, both so strongly linked to him. So I have some very big shoes to fill”.
Will Rangeela ever be able to make Berahampur, Rahampur? Can his belief for his master change? Will he remain a Ghulaam forever?
To know more watch Ghulaam, Monday- Friday 9:00pm only on Life OK
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