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Life Ok launches the never seen before epic tale of the Visionary King, Sher-E-Punjab : Maharaja Ranjit Singh

16 March 2017

The diversity and magnificence of Indian history has always been a source of curiosity, inspiration and enchantment for all. We have keenly followed the journeys of kings like Maharana Pratap, Akbar, Peshwa Baji Rao not just through books and movies but also through television shows. Most of these shows have been about the valor of these mighty warriors. However, Life OK in association with Contiloe Pictures will be bringing forth the story of King who was like none other –a king –who was a true leader and a visionary, a man of intelligence and not just brute strength. 

Founder of Sikh Empire, he is mostly known as the last Indian to hold the famed Koh-i-noor diamond and for gold-plating the Golden Temple. The show follows the journey of the exemplary king who placed service above rule and unity above power. It sets out to discover all the facets of the man whose philosophies endeared him to his countrymen and whose political acumen struck fear in the heart of his enemies – the British and Afgans.
Life Ok took up the mantle to tell his story as, even after many centuries - his progressive administrative strategies, leadership principles and life philosophies are still relevant to modern day India. To support a story of this scale requires a notable list of cast and crew members to turn this vision into reality. Hence to ensure that the show is a royal treat to the eyes of the viewers, the makers got Omung Kumar onboard to design the sets, the same man who has shown his extremely fine and flawless artwork in grand-scale movies like Black, Saawariya and Yuvvraj. Along with this, the costumes of the lead actors are designed by the famous Bollywood costume designers Manoshi Nath and Rushi Sharma. Bollywood stunt director Allan Amin was brought in to design the war sequences in the show. 
And to portray all this on camera are actors Damanpreet Singh playing the role of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Tunisha Sharma playing the role of Ranjit Singh’s wife, Mehtab Kaur, Shaleen Bhanot as Ranjit Singh’s father, Mahaa Singh, Sneha Wagh as Ranjit Singh’s mother, Raj Kaur, Sonia Singh Mehtab’s mother, Sada Kaur and Rumi Khan as Mehtab’s father, Gurbaksh.
Doing justice to the complex setting of the show was not an easy task for the production house. Abhimanyu Singh, CEO - Contiloe Pictures said, “We are very happy to announce the launch of our next historical venture, 'Sher-E-Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh' in collaboration with Life OK. This show promises to be the biggest historical out of our stable. We have worked for over a year and a half on the show and a unit of 500 hundred people are working day and night to translate our vision into reality. We are also working with the state of the art VFX supervisors and stylists to give a freshness to this epic saga”.
Finally, the wait for this show is drawing to a close and Life OK is all set to bring the magnificent story of Maharaja Ranjit Singh to life.
Catch this magnum opus starting 20th March, every Monday to Friday 8.30 pm only on Life OK
About the Cast and Crew:
List of Actors/Cast:
Damanpreet Singh as Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Tunisha Sharma as Ranjit Singh’s wife, Mehtab Kaur
Shaleen Bhanot as Ranjit Singh’s father, Mahaa Singh
Sneha Wagh as Ranjit Singh’s mother, Raj Kaur
Rumi Khan as Mehtab’s father, Gurbaksh
Sonia Singh as Mehtab’s mother, Sada Kaur
Chetan Pandit as Jai Singh
Anuradha Patel as Vajero
List of Notable Crew:
Omung Kumar – Set Designer (Black, Saawariya, Yuvvraj fame)
Costume Designer for leads – Manoshi Nath and Rushi Sharma (PK, Kick, Dhoom 3 fame)
Costume Designer for other cast members – Neerusha Nikhat (Siya Ke Ram, Chandrakanta fame)
Stunt director - Allan Amin (Dishoom, Singh is King, Rang De Basanti, Dhoom fame)
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