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Life OK set to reinstate hope, faith and belief amongst the audience with the launch of 'Ek nayi ummeed... Roshni'

14 July 2015

Extensive research done by Life OK to conceptualise Ek Nayi Ummeed..Roshni, an authentic take on the medical profession

Doctors in India only care about money and not the patients’ wellbeing! In an attempt to clear of the existing misconceptions that have crippled our views towards the professionals in the medicine industry, Life OK now unveils the other side of the story. Announcing the launch of its brand new property Ek Nayi Ummeed...Roshni, starring Pooja Gor, Amol Palekar and Sahil Anand, the channel aims at showcasing compassion and humanity that prevails in the healthcare practice. The fiction drama is scheduled to premiere on Life OK on Friday July 13th, 8 PM onwards.
The genesis of this show stems from an extensive industry study to understand the emotional as well as the professional dilemmas that the practice entails. Life OK, Star India’s premiere entertainment channel is popularly known to highlight socially relevant issues through its shows. Ek Nayi Ummeed..Roshni aims at taking an honest look at the profession and dispel the negativity that prevails around the medical system.
What happens when the trusted practitioners give way for malicious technology and callous tests? The only hope and trust in the institute is marred. Yet, amidst these depressing sub standards, Life OK brings alive inspiration and rekindles hope in the medical industry through the journey of Dr. Roshni, a benevolent and idealist girl, who believes that practicing medicine is a noble profession and should not be intruded upon by profit making agendas. The show captures the angst of the common man against commercialization of the medical profession.
With its socially relevant theme mounted on an international scale, the show holds up an honest mirror to the society to showcase not only the malpractices, but also the reputable and good service as well. Rather than narrating rom-coms on the backdrop of hospitals and doctors, EkNayiUmmeed..Roshini lends its authenticity from the use of real locations, hospitals and medical equipment. Extending its reach internationally, the show has also captured the breathtaking panoramic locations of the UK and North India making it a visual treat.
The lead protagonist, Roshni, is played by Pooja Gor, along with Inderjeet Sagoo as her brother, Dr. Rajat. After making an appearance on the silver screen, Sahil Anand will be seen portraying the character of a young and dynamic doctor, Nikhil Kapoor. Making a comeback on the small screen, veteran actor Amol Palekar will be seen portraying the pivotal role of Roshni's grandfather, Dr. A. K. Singh. Amol will be seen essaying the character of a renowned doctor who stands for all that is right in this noble profession, which is Roshni’s inspiration for being the compassionate doctor that she is.
Commenting on the launch of this unique show, a Life OK spokesperson said, “Life OK has always been on the forefront of bringing out significant social issues in the form of TV shows to capture audience attention, in order to generate awareness and educate the mass of the right and the wrong eventualities of society. In a similar attempt, the channel has now releasedEk Nayi Ummeed…Roshni, which emphasizes the positive side of the medical field which actually thrives on trust and hope. To ensure authenticity of the content, we have brought on board a panel of doctors that regularly work with the cast. We look forward to the launch of Ek Nayi Ummeed…Roshni and are optimistic that the viewers will be able to relate to the show.”
Backed with refreshing narration, a compelling storyline and brilliant execution, Life OK promises to bring a paradigm shift in TV content viewing amidst the existing shows, with its brand new property EkNayiUmmeed..Roshini.
EkNayiUmmeed...Roshni, premieres this July 13 and will follow every Monday to Friday at 8 pm on Life OK
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