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23 July 2015

Gone Girl premieres on JULY 25 at 9PM on STAR MOVIES SELECT HD
Mumbai, 23rd July, 2015: Stellar stories have finally found a new home with Star India’s brand new English movie channel – Star Movies Select HD with the promise of 365 stories across 365 days. If riveting stories is what the channel stands for, then it doesn’t get more interesting than this – 25th July will witness the television premiere of David Fincher’s Gone Girl at 9pm.
A movie not just critically acclaimed but loved by movie lovers is based on a novel by Gillian Flynn. The movie adaptation directed by David Fincher, has the distinction of getting its screenplay adapted by author Gillian Flynn herself. At the 87th Academy Awards, Rosamund Pike received a nomination for Best Actress. Gone Girl received four nominations at the Golden Globes: Best Director for Fincher, Best Actress in a Drama for Pike, Best Screenplay for Flynn and Best Original Score.
The story is set in Missouri, United States where Nick Dunne (played by Ben Affleck), a writer, whose wife Amy (played by Rosamund Pike) goes missing. The story unfolds into a sinister drama about a disappearance that exposes a dysfunctional relationship and highlights the complexities of marriage in a way that leaves the audience stunned and gasping for words. Key roles are essayed by renowned actors Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry.
It’s not just about watching the premiere of Gone Girl on Star Movies Select HD but becoming a part of the story – conversations across mediums will give the audience an opportunity to share a distinct point of view on the vows and woes of what marriage is making the experience both contextual and light hearted.
This Saturday, the way you look at the institution of marriage might change – Nick and Amy’s story will startle you at every turn of the television premiere of GONE GIRL on JULY 25, 9PM, only on STAR MOVIES SELECT HD.
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