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STAR Plus goes global with same day telecast & real time subtitling Provides marketers the opportunity to reach over 400 million global viewers on an unparalleled platform.

7 July 2011

STAR Plus goes global with same day telecast & real time subtitling

Provides marketers the opportunity to reach over 400 million global viewers on an unparalleled platform.

STAR, India’s leading media conglomerate, today announced that Star Plus, it’s most popular; flagship GEC brand will be telecast now globally, with English subtitles, on the same day, to viewers in more than 65 countries, across the globe.

This industry defining move makes Star India, the first Indian broadcaster to enable global viewers watch subtitled content, same day, globally.

Real time subtitling of content will ensure a large number of third and fourth generation Indians and South Asians, who may not speak or understand Hindi, follow the shows easily.

Star Plus viewers will now be able to watch their favorite episodic shows, on the same day, as they are telecast to viewers in India.

This initiative of STAR will provide world viewers, the twin benefits of watching updated content globally with English subtitles and stay connected.

The viewers of Star Plus will now watch their favorite shows in New Delhi, Dubai, Johannesburg, London and New York, on the same day, same time, a radical departure from an era when viewers made do with time lag deferred content.

Commenting on this path breaking initiative,Uday Shankar, CEO, STAR Indiasaid, “This is a significant milestone. The appeal of Star content will be even more compelling once the viewers in India and their dear ones overseas can watch it together. We are confident that it will create an important point of engagement and interaction between our viewers in India and overseas.”

He added, “It is our attempt of connecting hearts and bridging time and distance for our viewers, overseas, who yearn for a home away from-home experience. They can now stay connected and bond discussing storylines and favorite shows.”

This move of Star India will also provide marketers and advertisers the opportunity to promote their products globally on an unparalleled platform, to over 400 million global viewers.

This initiative yet again reinforces Star Plus, motto of ‘Rishta Wahi, Soch Nayi’, setting it apart as a brand that is committed to entertaining its viewers, wherever they may be, with customized content that propels them towards newer horizons.

Star India has defined India’s broadcast entertainment industry for two decades with its unparalleled reach and unrivaled leadership position and a number of widely admired properties that transcends the barriers of language and culture and enlivens the lives of millions of viewers across the globe.

Source: Best Media Info

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