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STAR Plus takes a step towards Women Empowerment with ‘Chal, Kar Pehel’

1 March 2015

~ Lucknow stands up for Gender Equality along with cast of EVEREST~

Lucknow, 1st March 2015:  ‘For any society to progress, the way to change is to empower the women.’ - In line with this thought, STAR Plus took its recently launched social initiative, ‘Chal, Kar Pehel’ to Lucknow. With ‘Chal, Kar Pehel’, a campaign championing the cause of Women Empowerment, STAR Plus urges both men and women to take the first step towards the cause of ‘gender equality’. The initiative, kick started by a Tri-City Walkathon, saw numerous men and women come together in support of this cause. Star Plus protagonists Anjali (Shamata Anchan), Aakaash (Rohan Gandotra) and Arjun (Sahil Salathia) of EVEREST fame will lead the Walkathon.

The key message of Star Plus ‘Chal, Kar Pehel’ is to encourage women to take the first step towards ‘Gender Equality’. STAR Plus urges the women to follow their dreams, voice their opinions, raise their voice against discrimination and demand equal rights, opportunities, freedom and respect. For this cause, lead actors from STAR Plus’ popular series EVEREST have come forward in their support via this Walkathon, supported by the fact that this show’s genesis is gender inequality. The Walkathon also comprises of a pledge which every participant will take showcasing their support towards the cause.

Shamata Anchan, who portrays the character of Anjali Singh Rawat in EVEREST, said, “If Anjali, someone who has faced the wrath of being discriminated in her own home for being a girl, can spread her wings and summit the highest peak in the world, then any woman can look for the strength within and achieve her own personal Everest. Today, I want every woman to take their first step towards their EVEREST by taking the ‘Chal, Kar Pehel’ pledge along with me”

The ‘Chal, Kar Pehel Walkathon,’ a 3 km walkathon saw men and women from all walks of life come together in support for the cause of ‘gender equality.’ STAR Plus has always endeavoured to present stories of strong, inspirational women, who are willing to question the social evils in order to make a mark for themselves, while simultaneously holding on to their roots.

‘Chal, Kar Pehel’ was kick-started in Bhopal and the first Walkathon saw participation from numerous women, all of whom took the pledge to stand up against gender inequality. ‘Chal, Kar Pehel’ includes various programs, namely, school and college contact program, door to door promotion and associations with various NGOs that all culminate into the Walkathon. ‘Chal, Kar Pehel’ will engage with people from different walks of life -  the youth of the country, housewives, the working class, bureaucrats and social activists from across the country.

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