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The revamped, rebranded STAR Sports

12 November 2013

?This week STAR India revamped and rebranded its sports channels. It brought the six of them, which includes a Hindi sports channel and two HD channels under the umbrella Star Sports brand.  

This week STAR India revamped and rebranded its sports channels. STAR says that this is merely the first step of a calculated Rs 20,000 crore investment, which will see the broadcaster expand its cricket programming, and also build other sports like hockey, badminton and football.

While STAR is confident of its content, the million dollar question is whether it can get advertisers to buy into it. Storyboard editor Anant Rangaswami interviews STAR India COO Sanjay Gupta to get more details.

Watch the interview here -


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VIVO IPL on Star is bigger than ever before…ever!

The opening game of the VIVO IPL 2018 tournament broadcast across the Star Network and live streamed on Hotstar has recorded the highest ever viewership in the history of the tournament.

Hotstar and Akamai set Global Streaming Record during VIVO IPL 2018

A record for peak concurrent viewers on Hotstar was established during the match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders; CDN powered by Akamai

Star Sports Unveils The #Selectdugout For VIVO IPL 2018 To Keep Fans Ahead Of The Fame!

#SelectDugout is a curated offering tailored for the core cricket fan with in-depth analysis, augmented reality, interesting statistics presented by a panel of Select experts

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