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Theek Jeno Love Story

3 November 2014

Show Highlights:

Theek Jeno Love Story is a new age tale of young love. The show is a realistic reflection of the lives and aspirations of the young generation depicted beautifully through the ageless tale of fatal attraction. The show brings together a host of fresh young faces who are sure to sizzle up the screen with their crackling chemistry. The show has been shot extensively in North Bengal and will definitely bring the lush green wilderness to the TV screens.


The story revolves around Isha and Adi. Isha having lost her parents in childhood grew up with her brothers Prabal and Pratik who dote on her. She is full of life and spends most of her time with her friends Pooja, Mimi and Neha. She has faith in the goodness of everything and believes that no one is bad without a reason. A diehard romantic she believes that there is someone destined for everyone and as such she is waiting for her own prince charming. She is a firm believer in the ‘Happily ever after’ and helps people unite with their loved ones.

Adi is a spoilt brat of an influential politician and businessman. His mother left him when he was young and his father could not devote a lot of time to him owing to his career ambitions. As such Adi’s childhood was difficult which resulted in him becoming emotionally detached from his family. He is non-committal and self-destructive and does not believe in relationships. He does not trust women and treats them as objects, often having multiple affairs. He leads a wild, edgy and adventurous lifestyle often engaging in adventure sports. But behind the tough, detached external façade Adi has a gentle heart which gets reflected in his acts of compassion towards children.

These two different worlds meet when Adi meets Isha by a serendipitous twist of fate and soon she becomes a mission for him. He finds her starkly different from other girls he has encountered. He starts to manipulate her and get close to her trying to win her trust. Isha gets swept off her feet because of Adi’s charm & charisma and oblivious to his vices starts falling for him. So much so that when Isha’s best friend gets killed and Adi becomes the prime suspect, she saves him against all accusations defying her own brother Prabal.

When Isha has completely fallen for Adi and surrendered herself to him, Adi feels that his mission is accomplished. Isha also finds out what he really is. Will this revelation destroy Isha’s perfect picture of a ‘Happily Ever After’. Or will her love be able to triumph over all. This journey of love of Isha & Adi becomes ‘Theek Jeno Love Story’.

The show will air in the 9:00 pm slot. This slot has featured some of the iconic show Aanchal.

Production Details:

The show is produced by SVF which has delivered an illustrious line up of shows like Maa, Bojhena Shey Bojhena, Durga, Bodhu Kon Alo. The cast comprises fresh young faces who are sure to crack up a sizzling on screen chemistry. Lot of new actors like Sairity Banerjee, Neel Bhattacharya, Rupam Ray, Somraj Maity, Patrali Chattyopadhyay are being launched in the show in prominent roles. The show is set in a modern context and showcases the lives of thrill seeking internet savvy youth who live life on the go. The show has a young look and feel and tonality to it. It has been extensively shot in the lush North Bengal locations and will definitely serve up a visual delight. The music track has been composed by Aridam of Bojhena Shey Bojhena, Borbaad and Bindaas fame. The song is peppy and hummable and will become a sensation with the youngsters. 

                            Isha                                                    Adi

Cast Details:

Character- Actor

Isha Mitra-Sairity Banerjee

Adidev Bose-Neel Bhattacharya

Prabal Mitra-Arijit Choudhury

Pratik Mitra-Rupam Ray

Rajeshwari Bose-Deboleena Dutta

Rohit Majumdar(Rajeshwari’s brother)–Sourjya (Harry of BSB)

Tunir Sengupta-Somraj Maity

Anindita Bose-Patrali Chattyopadhyay

Sanjoy Ghosh-Avrajit Chakraborty 

Crew Details:

Creative Producer- Soumik Chattopadhyay

Director: Subhajit Chakrabarty

Story & Screenplay: Saswati Ghosh

Music Composer: Arindam


Singer: Arindam, Prashmita Paul

Costume Designer: Poonam Jha

Executive Producer-Subhengi Ghosh

Producer-Srikant Mohta, Mahendra Soni

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