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23 June 2014

About the Show:

Tumi Aasbe Bole is a poignant tale of love, sacrifice and letting go.  Rahul is in love with Nandini. They were in college together.  Rahul had confessed his feelings to Nandini back then. But Nandini had always admired Rahul as a senior had never expected a proposal from him. She turned down his love and moved on with her life. Being a conservative girl she chose to marry the man her family suited for her. In the meantime 8 years have passed. Rahul has become a successful businessman. Nandini is happily married with a kid.

Rahul’s sister, Riya falls in love with Nandini’s brother Abhinandan. When Rahul and his family approach Abhinandan’s family for alliance, he meets Nandini again. This unlocks a treasure trove of memories for both as they have not remained in touch over the years. Both feel a little embarrassed by the encounter.

But as fate would have it, Rahul becomes a part of Nandini’s and her daughter’s life. What might have happened that Nandini, who had once refused Rahul’s love, is compelled to marry him? What incidents led Rahul, who has remained unmarried all through, treasuring the memories of Nandini, father her daughter? All these and many more will be answered as we traverse through the episodes of ‘Tumi Asbey Boley’ unfolding Rahul-Nandini’s unique love story.

Treading the footsteps of ‘Chalo Paltai’, ‘Tumi Asbey Boley’ manifests an evolved human relationship crossing all realms of selfless love. In today’s world when everything is measured in terms of profit and loss, including love, Rahul’s love for Nandini has never demanded anything in return.  Even in a marriage, usually women are most accepting of the different aspects of their husband‘s life including step children. Men however are not that accepting  towards their wives. But Rahul has wholeheartedly accepted Nandini and her child Jhumjhumi. Not only that, he has gone one step futher in making Jhumjhumi his most important priority. Even his relationship with Nandini follows from his relationship with Jhumjhumi. Rahul redefines the connotation of love, whose journey of being a husband starts with being a great dad first.

Cast and Crew Details:


Production House:         Vandana films

Producer:                      Shibaji Panja

Director:                        Joydeep Mukherjee

Music Director:               Mayukh-Mainak

Title track sung by:         Nachiketa Chakraborty

Look/Styling done by:     Shaborni Das

Main Cast:

Rahul: Rahul Debroy

Sandipta: Nandini Sen

Ragnita – Jhumjhumi (Nandini’s daughter)

Soumya: Dr. Dripto Sen

Rupanjana: Rupanjana Debroy (Rahul’s Step mother)

Other Cast:

Sagnik-Anjan ( Mama)

Jayasree- Jayasree( Mami)

Sudip- Ranit ( step brother of Rahul )

Disha –Disha ( Ranit’s wife)

Suchandra- Munmum ( Mami’s sister)

Arnab- Avinandan ( Nandini’s brother)

Priyanka-Riya ( Rahul’s step sister)

Anindo Sarkar-Soumya Debroy  ( Rahul’s father)

Phalguni Chatterjee- Colonel sen ( Nandi’s father-in-law)

Shaon- Mishit pisi ( Rahul’s pisi)

Joydeep Mukherjee- Nikhilesh Majumder

Ranjini- Piyali Majumder 

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