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Two Singers, One Stage

29 February 2016

 Channel V this year has certainly expanded its programming mix with a series of new shows. This 4th fiction show to be launched on Channel V this year, promises to be the most unique and interesting for the youth who are always mesmerized by the glamour of reality shows. The new show aptly titled “ISHQ UNPLUGGED” is a love story between two contestants of a singing reality show. The romance between two completely opposite characters plays out on the backdrop of the reality show which they want to win for their own reasons. ISHQ UNPLUGGED starts 7th March 2016, Monday to Friday at 7:30pm on Channel V.

The main leads of the show are played by Mohit Gaur and Shruti Prakash who essay the roles of Mandy and Antara respectively. Mandy’s character hails from a middle class background from Delhi. Even though he is an exceptional singer, Mandy faces opposition from his family to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a famous singer in the entertainment world. Although Mandy is deserving of success, his notions to achieving stardom is rife with trying any means to get what he wants, by hook or by crook.

Antara on the other hand faces a different circumstance, daughter of a very famous singer she is also blessed with a beautiful voice.Her Mother wants Antara to follow her footsteps rather than create her own identity. This competition is the stage to launch her career.
Both Mandy and Antara come from very diverse backgrounds and have opposite personalities but fate brings them together; Are they the wrong combination or will they become a music sensation?
While speaking on the new music based show, Star Spokesperson commented, “Like dance, music and reality shows are a big pull for the youth; this is the first time we have a fiction show which is a potent combination of music and romance on the backdrop of a reality show.With a fair share of singing and performances along with drama, this unique offering is going to something fresh for the youth to savor and enjoy”
Channel V plans an extensive marketing strategy to support the show with high decibel promotions across multiple platforms.
Apart from Ishq Unplugged, Channel V’s dance fiction show D4 Get Up And Dance (Mon-Fri 7PM), Sadda Haq – Season 2 (Mon-Sat 6:30pm), teen crime show ‘Gumrah’: End of Innocence (Sunday 7pm) and action-packed romantic drama showcasing two lifetimes Mastaangi (Mon–Sat 6:00 pm) continue to be on air. All the new and current shows are available anytime on Hotstar.
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